Howie Katz lives and works in Oakland, California. Originally from New York, he spent many years in Europe before settling in the Bay Area. A one-time software engineer/entrepreneur, he has been a full time artist since 2009. His work has appeared in the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, The Santa Cruz Art League, as well as several locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, including SOMArts, The Jellyfish Gallery, Maker Faire, Pro Arts, The Incline Gallery, and ARC Gallery.

His work is generally conceptual and interactive in nature, inviting the viewer to participate, rather than just be a spectator. Science and Technology serve as both muses and tools. The work covers a broad range of techniques, from sculpture and photography to CNC machining and software, often using several different media in a single installation.

His current work uses his software background to bridge the virtual world with the real world, making use of computers and projections to bring Facebook, Google, Twitter and online sources into the physical world where we can relate to them in a familiar way.

Contact Information:

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