Deck the Halls

“Deck the Halls” is a collaboration between Michael Dorman, a 13 year-old skater, and myself . The project was as part of the SPARK afterschool apprenticeship program. The piece is made from 30 broken skateboard decks and PVC pipe. The star on top is formed from two trucks and wheels, other ornaments were made from bolts and bushings, and 60 round, fish-eye photographs of Michael at the skate park hang from the branches.
When we first met, I asked Michael what he wanted to make. He suggested maybe something about the safety aspects of skating. I set him straight on that – art is about passion, not taking it safe. Skating makes him happy, like Christmas morning. One thing led to another, and we designed the tree. Michael knew where we could get some free broken decks. Thanks to DLX and Mission Skateboards! Also thanks to Building Resources for the pipe.

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