Eye Spy (Magnifying Glasses v1.0)

“Eye Spy” is an installation of 30 framed pieces, most of which have a magnifying glass in front of them (there is also a telescope and microscope).  The “images” are primarily text in a very small font, though a few have pictures or pictures and text.  They require magnification to be seen.  The subjects are primarily playful and self-referential (a recurring theme in my art).  For example: “Does the voice in your head sound like this?”, and another instructs the user to stand behind a line which is taped on the ground below. Standing behind this line makes the text impossible to read.

Many of them were created to complement the art or the artist whose studio they are next to.  Some are location-specific; for example, in a narrow passageway, there is one saying “You are in the way”, and another is hung in such a way requiring the viewer to crane his neck; it says “Is your neck stiff?”  The goal of this installation was to force people to slow down.  There is a curious effect that at art exhibits, people will often gloss by large pieces yet approach and spend time with small ones.  I’ve taken the idea to the extreme.  One even says “Stop ignoring the big picture”.