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Proposal for a large-scale installation powered by sunlight

No scientific phenomenon captures people’s imagination like a solar eclipse. I wish to reproduce that feeling of awe and pay homage to the Sunshine State by creating a time-sensitive installation driven by sunlight. Hundreds of precisely positioned, angled, and sized panes of glass will cast reflections on the museum exterior, combining to form a gray-scale photographic image. Because the sun’s position in the sky is ever-changing, the “pixels” which form the image move independently across the wall, coming together perfectly just twice a year. Other days, at the peak time (and weather), the image will range from slightly blurred to almost completely abstract  Nevertheless, the cloud-like patterns of the ever-moving and overlapping pixels are fascinating. I plan on using two different images so that there will be an “alignment” every 3 months (good for special events!). In addition, a webcam/mobile app will allow people to view the image in real time as well as view time-lapse videos.






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